At Dewstow Primary School we follow the National Curriulum in Wales in order to raise standards and widen educational experiences. To support the curriculum, we use the Cornerstones Curriculum which provide a bank of innovate learning topics. We feel that the topics provide valuable and exciting learnign experiences for our learners.

LNF at Dewstow

Literacy & Numeracy Framework

The Welsh Government  introduced the National Numeracy & Literacy Framework into schools in Wales. It became statutory in September 2013. The framework details a list of skills for each year group from Reception to Year 1 that your child should be able to do by the end of that year, across the curriculum. The skills are based on what is expected of the average child in Wales. You can find the skills for each year group on the Plaza pages.

In May 2013, the Welsh Government introduced a bank of tests to be sat by learners in Years 2 to 6 (and Years 7 – 9 in Secondary schools in Wales). These summative tests are sat annually in May and involve three parts:

  1. Reading
  2. Procedural numeracy
  3. Numerical reasoning

Find out a little more about the test by clicking the link below and reading the parent information booklet.

National tests info for parents

A letter from Education minister Huw Lewis explains the importance of the help of our parents.

Education begins at home